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Goods are not automatically insured whilst in storage. However you may already be covered under your existing home or business contents policy. We meet the standards required by Many insurers so it is worth giving them a call first to check your coverage.

If you are not covered then we can offer an Insurance Product designed for self storage.

Please note that insurance is not compulsory but is strongly recommended.


Insurance costs start at $2.00 per month for every $1000 worth of goods. This is billed monthly at the same time as your rent. Call or email us for an accurate quote on specific amounts. We can have a maximum cover of $50,000 per storage space.


What you are covered for?

You are covered for loss and/or damage caused by: Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Earthquake, Impact, Aircraft, Riot, Strikes, Malicious Damage, Storm and/or Tempest, Water Damage (excluding flood), theft (by forcible entry to your unit and/or the building), Accidental Damage

( excluding damage caused whilst loading and/or unloading goods from the unit).

What you are NOT covered for?

War, invasion, hostilities, civil war or rebellion, nuclear weapons, confiscation, requisition or destruction by order of government or a statutory authority, any consequential loss, wear, tear, rust corrosion or deterioration, mechanical breakdown, vermin, insects, mildew or spontaneous combustion, Subsidence landslip, erosion or earth movement. We do not cover jewellery, watches, precious stones, furs, money, paintings, curios and/or works of art. Policy excludes losses which are otherwise recoverable from any other insurance contract.


When claiming on insurance, you will need to notify Midlands Insurance Brokers on 1300 306 571 as soon as possible in the event of any loss or damage. Please note that the first $250 of each claim is paid by you.


CGU Insurance Limited (CGU).CGU is the underwriter of this insurance policy. ABN: 27004478371 AFSL no. 238291 CGU is wholly owned by Australia’s leading general insurer – Insurance Australia Group (IAG).
CGU is one of Australia’s leading general insurers. CGU is Australia’s largest regional and rural insurer and provides a comprehensive range of Personal and Commercial products to service the needs of individuals and commercial enterprises.


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