Gary Lewis – Aussie Home Loans – Richmond & Windsor

Gary Lewis – Aussie Home Loans – Richmond

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Gary tells us why he uses Self Storage for his business.

What Business are you in?

Home Loans – Aussie Richmond .

Why did you choose a Hawkesbury self storage unit over an industrial unit?

Our business generates paperwork that takes up a lot of our office apace.We also use a lot of promotional documentation and material. We have access to our unit 7 days a week and Hawkesbury Self Storage meets our Strict security requirements. There is extra space available when needed for additional Promotional Stock or Marketing Material and
with Hawkesbury Self Storage we have the freedom to take extra space for a short period of time. There are also no long leases to sign, I just pay monthly for the space I need. No long term contracts. It suits my business perfectly.

Would you recommend using Hawkesbury Self Storage to other businesses?

Absolutely. I don’t need to clutter my home or office with surplus files and stocks. All surplus items can be stored at the storage unit which is central to our work commitments in the Hawkesbury area.
We used to store items at my home, but I would have to drive back home now those items are only a few minutes from my office.

Any other benefits in using Hawkesbury Self Storage?

The unit we rent is fully automated allowing extended access with the security of knowing it is under the constant surveillance of security cameras, security patrols and alarms.